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Qualities of a Voice Over Artist

Qualities of a Voice Over Artist

Qualities of a Voice Over Artist

Hiring a voice over artist in Dubai is not an easy task especially if you have not dealt with it before. It’s because a voice over artist plays the role of a character in your story. Thus, it is very important for the actor to deliver a convincing performance to make your audience remember your story. A skilled voice over artist will help you present your ideas and products in an original way. As such, you must consider some key points before finalizing the voice over talent for the project.


It is very important to understand the technique of enunciation while delivering your scripts. Remember, a great voice should be clean and sounds well articulated.

Good Pronunciation

An actor should have a proper pronunciation and should not pronounce his lines incorrectly. Remember that a character that is speaking in a lower tone should project a higher pitch while that of a high-pitched character should project a lower voice. So, it’s a great idea to check out the actor’s pronunciation habits before hiring him for the job.

High Quality Recordings

Quality of the recording is also very important – it should be recorded in the best Dubai recording studio. It is recommended to listen to the finished product to check whether the voice over recording is of high quality. Another tip is checking out the length of the recording. Long recordings take longer to record thus may end up reducing your deadline. Remember, off-camera voice overs cost more than camera voice overs.

Ask Around

Check out for references before hiring an actor. Ask your friends, colleagues, family members, and ask them for references. After getting a list of a few names, make sure to call each one and find out about the voice over artist’s professional experience, work ethics and of course talent.

Check Video Samples

Make sure to check out his videos and voice samples to get an idea of his capabilities. It would also help if you could get in touch with the directors, producers and voice coaches to know more about the actor’s skills and abilities.

Voice Over Artist’s Portfolio

A good voice over artist will have a working portfolio wherein he or she would showcase their skills. You can find sample voiceovers online which can serve as your inspiration when looking for a voice actor to hire. You need to check out the skills, samples, movies, and TV shows they have appeared in and their reputation in the industry. Finding this information is very crucial in finding a reliable voice actor.