Well almost everyone knows about solar energy because it has become most popular in the world why it is popular in the world there is so many reasons like it saves the money like if you will install it once it will take almost your 5 years or more the 5 years and you don’t need to spend money on electricity approximately for 5 year. And you don’t have to pay your bills on electricity. The 2nd reason is that it is good sign for reducing pollution it is becoming popular in developed countries because they need to save their resources so if they use solar energy which comes from the sunlight of the sun it will save their energy resources like atomic resources and other energy. Most of people know about the photovoltaic solar panels which are generated by the sunlight. Solar energy equipment supplier mostly sells this type of solar energy equipment.

Here are some types of solar energy.

Photovoltaic solar energy:

The main source of solar energy is photovoltaic system which is most popular in the world. In this solar energy system you need to install solar panel at your home or your office. This solar panel observes the sunlight and provide the electricity to your target place. For storage electricity through solar panel you need to attach batteries with solar panel. Semiconductor is the material that is used to observe the sunlight which helps this solar panel to produce the energy. This solar energy system is now popular in the world and it’s easy to install at home but it covers huge area.

Solar energy for heating water

The next type of this solar energy is heating water with solar energy. This idea actually came from nature, have you ever felt that why the water of lakes are warm than the deep water because the shallow water absorb the sunlight directly. So that’s how scientist introduced this type of solar heating water. The name is showing the purpose of this type that you have to just heat the water which can use at homes for some domestic or other work.

Power plants

The 3rd type of solar energy is power plant which is mostly used for huge industry. They use this type of energy to use it at their commercial area or industry. This type provides huge amount of electricity to the plant. For this type they have to build hug power plants to generate the electricity.